Dear Indonesian old-bicycle-lovers,

Because it was 125 years ago that Fongers started making bicycles in the City of Groningen we had a special Fongers weekend in Groningen.

We (vereniging “de oude fiets”) had a tour in and around the city of Groningen, we visited the old Fongers-factory on the Hereweg.

After that we made a tour through the city to the building Where Mr. Albert Fongers started making bicycles 125 years ago, this building is still there (with a memory-stone) and it was even for sale ! (but a bit too expensive for us…Hehehe…)

Than we visited the museum where a lot of the history of Fongers was shown by a lot of old material of the factory was shown and also a number of old Fongers bicycles.

Than we went to the old Fongers archive where a lot of very nice old Fongers Photo’s were shown.

The Bicycles in…

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